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You save time by using the tax organizer.  The organizer helps you gather and record your tax information.  Using the tax organizer will alert us to deductions that you qualify for.

The first year that we work for you, the organizer will be somewhat generic.  That is because we don’t have the familiarity with your situation since we have not worked with you before.

After the first year, the tax organizers will be customized to your situation.  For example, if you donated to the Red Cross the year before, the organizer will have a pre-printed line on the Contribution Listing for Red Cross.  That way it is easier to remember your deductions that repeat each year.


View or print the “generic” first year organizer.
In addition to the organizer, we would also want you to bring in:

  • Forms W-2 for wages, salaries and tips.
  • All Forms 1099 for interest, dividends, miscellaneous income, etc.
  • Brokerage statements showing investment transactions for stocks, bonds, etc.
  • Schedule K-1 showing income from partnerships, S corporations, estates and
  • Statements supporting deductions for mortgage interest and taxes.
  • Any tax notices sent to you by the IRS or other taxing authority.
  • A copy of your income tax return from last two years.


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